Demo Videos of Elbsound Products

Video: Inserting a large text block into a full score
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Other videos:
1. Perfect Layout: Real-time demos of the Perfect Layout plug-in in action
2. Perfect Layout: Real-time demo: Piano Staves and MusicXML Import Optimization
3. Perfect Layout: Real-time demo: Automatic Score Balancing
4. Perfect Layout: Real-time demo: Automatic Measure Layout and Page Margin Alignment in Extracted Parts
5. Perfect Layout: MacOS Preview
6. Perfect Layout: Avoiding Glissando Collisions
7. Perfect Layout: Automatic Hairpin and Expression Alignment
8. Perfect Layout: Automatic Installation of Perfect Layout on Windows
9. Perfect Layout on parts
10. Perfect Layout: Exponential and Niente Hairpins
11. Perfect Layout: Inserting a large text block (e.g. for a speaker) into a full score
12. Perfect Layout: Multi-Percussion Staff Optimization
13. Perfect Layout: Uniform Measure Number Placement on Barlines
14. Perfect Layout: Automatic Flattening Brackets of Tuplets That Start or End With Rests (v1.15)
15. Perfect Layout: Automatic Justification of sub. and più Dynamics (v1.15)
16. Perfect Layout: Cue Notes and Cue Texts Automation (Finale files for download on the Example page)
17. Perfect Layout: Tuplet Optimizations (Finale files for download on the Example page)
18. Perfect Layout: Automatic Lyrics Alignment
19. Realbook Look Plug-in
20. Creating a Vintage Score Look
21. House Style Plug-in: Swapping Music Fonts in Finale with One Click
22. Harp Glissando Plug-in
23. Multi Percussion Staff Plug-in
24. Chord Style Plug-in