Finale: Perfect Layout Plugin

The Perfect Layout plugin optimizes the page layout in the score and all parts of a Finale document with one click.
It includes more than 100 features of standard music layout tasks from cue note handling through collision elimination to spacing and part optimization.

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System Requirements:
- Finale 2014, 2014.5 or Finale 25 for Windows 7, 8, 10 (Probably Vista also works, but has not been tested yet.
MacOS is not supported in the first release, but is to be supported in the next release)
- Windows Powershell must be installed (usually is in Windows)
- minimum 4 GB RAM, for huge orchestra scores exceeding about 20.000 frame assignments 8-12 GB RAM and Finale 25/64bit are required, otherwise the plugin may run out of memory.
- About 70-100 MB of free hard drive space, plus space for the font annotation files dependent on the number of fonts that are installed
- For the installation you need a user with administration rights
- Internet connection during the installation and update process, and an email address to receive the activation code or an installed email program to request the activation code.
- The faster the processor speed, the faster the plugin (see this comparison). The plugin is single-threaded, so multiple cores do not speed up the processing.

Known issues:
- Only partial support yet for individually resized staves (resize is only fully supported for pages and systems).

Availability: April 2018.

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