Elbsound's Plug-ins for Finale®

Perfect Layout

(more than 100 automated layout tasks)

Perfect Layout Plug-in for Finale

House Style Changer

(>300 music fonts supported)

House Style Changer Plug-in for Finale

The Realbook LookHouse Style Changer Plug-in for Finale

Multi-Percussion StaffMulti-Percussion Staves Plug-in for Finale

Harp Gliss. & PlaybackHarp Glissando Plug-in for Finale

Chord Styles

(>40 chord fonts supported)

Chord Styles Plug-in for Finale


(>15 fonts in 4 styles supported)

Accidentals Plug-in for Finale

The plug-ins above are not yet available for public download, but are only demonstrations of the current beta versions. Release dates for the Windows version can be found at the bottom of the plug-ins' pages. MacOS versions will be finished later.