Quarter-Tone Accidentals Plugin for Finale®

This plugin makes quarter-tone accidentals in Finale extremely easy and fast to create:
no more crawling through Finale's individual accidental settings, just define a dedicated articulation or expression and assign it to a note with a standard accidental - with a metatool it's just one click - and it will be automatically converted to the quarter-tone accidental from a selection of accidental fonts and styles including automatic offset correction and correct size.
Several styles are available: Gould notation (with arrows), Stein-Zimmermann, Stein-Couper and "Number 4" notation. More than 20 quarter-tone accidental fonts are supported (e.g. Bravura, Maestro, Engraver, HE font family, Accidentals, Ekmelos, Tempera, Microtonal Notation, etc.).
Using expressions for quarter-tone accidentals even allows for pitch/tuning alterations in playback.

Image 1: Supported font and accidental styles
Download as high-resolution PDF

More features:
- Add horizontal offset to accidentals before ledger lines
- Includes quarter-tone key signature libraries for each font
- Change all standard accidentals/key signatures to a new font including an automatic update of all necessary document options
- access to 15 free microtonal accidental fonts

Image 2: Gould notation with arrows
The up-/down bow articulations are just an example for using articulations -
it's possible to assign any articulation or expression to the accidentals.

Image 3: "Number 4" notation

Image 4: Stein-Zimmermann notation

An overview of different microtonal accidental symbols can be found here.
More than 40 free fonts with lots of microtonal accidentals can be found in the 1000 Music Fonts link list.

Video 1: Entering quarter-tone accidentals with expressions assigned through metatools and the plugin.
The plugin hides the expressions (to keep the playback ability) and creates custom accidentals.
The plugin always works on a selected area: i.e. note-wise, measure-wise or on the full document.

Video 2: Changing the font from Maestro to Oslo for all accidentals and key signatures and
updating all accidentals in the score with articulations to "Arrow" style in just 10 seconds.

not known yet (dependent on further updates of JW Lua - unfortunately there have been no JW Lua update since 2017)