Catalog of Music Symbols

This excerpt from our Music Font Comparison symbol catalog shows some hard-to-find music symbols that are not included in Finale's or Sibelius' standard fonts.
Before using these symbols, make sure their use is best practice and that they are understandable for the musician. For example a "Three Bar Repeat" symbol exists, but is usually not applied to lead sheet or jazz notation.
The different fermatas may be known to a "contemporary music expert", but not to the more "classical musician".
A "fixed" arpeggio down symbol might be necessary in some situations, in other a symbol created from a wiggle line and a triangle tip is much more flexible (e.g. a Custom Line in Finale).
In doubt add a short explanation at the first occurence in the score.

The images include the font name (abbreviated if too wide) and the symbol code from the character map.
The symbols were automatically scaled to an "average symbols size" so they are in general better comparable - unless the have completely different metrics (e.g. most triangle fermatas are in landscape mode, while a few are in portrait mode). In a few cases they still have rather different sizes in the images (e.g. Breath Mark Comma).
When using the fonts in software, make sure you use the correct font size: they are not identical as it looks here.

This page is just a little excerpt of our font database which includes 1100 symbols from more than 400 music fonts.
For example the 25 free font from the Elbsound Music Font Package are not yet included in these images, but include symbols from nearly every category below.
If you'd like to see other hard-to-find music symbols, send us an email.
For copyright reasons only low resolution images were used.
Links to all fonts are available on the Music Font Links" page.
The images were extracted automatically from the font database of our Music Font Comparison.
Music Fonts Comparison

Accidentals, Parenthesized Sharp (new)
Arpeggio, Down (new)
Breath Mark, Comma Upside Down
Breath Mark, Comma with One Stroke
Brackets, Repeat
Brackets, Large
Brackets, Top, Group
Clefs, Old Bass Style Clef
Clefs, Old G Style Clef
Clefs, Petrucci C Clef
Clefs, C Clef (19th Century) (new)
Clefs, Mensural F Clef (new)
Clefs, K Style Alto Clef (new)
Clefs, Violin Clefs for Condensed Scores
Crescendo Molto (new)
Dots, triple (new)
Glasses (new)
Fermatas, Rectangle
Fermatas, Triangle
Fermatas, Short
Fermatas, Very Short
Fermatas, Very Long
Fermatas, Two Dot
Flags - Straight (new)
Laissez Vibrer-Ties (l.v.)
Messa di voce
Noteheads, Ghost / Bracketed (new)
Pedal, Sostenuto
Pizz, Bartok (new)
Reihe (Hauptstimme, Nebenstimme, Hauptrhythmus, Choralmelodie) (new)
Repeat, Three Bar Repeat
Tremolo, 4 Lines
Trill, Tremblement (new)
Turn, Inverted (new)

Accidentals - Parenthesized Sharp: (new)
Accidentals, Parenthesized Sharp

Arpeggio - Down:
Arpeggio Down

Breath Mark Comma Upside Down:
Breath Mark Comma Upside Down

Breath Mark Comma with One Stroke:
Breath Mark Comma with One Stroke

Repeat Brackets:
Repeat Brackets

Large Brackets: (-> see also full article on "Large Brackets in Finale")
Large Brackets

Group Bracket Top:
Group Brackets Top

Clefs - Old Bass Style:
Clefs - Old Bass Style

Clefs - Old G Style:
Clefs - Old G Style
Clefs - Old G Style

Clefs - Mensural F: (new)
Clefs - Mensural F

Clefs - K Style Alto Clef: (new)
Clefs - K Style Clef

Clefs - Petrucci C Clef:
Clefs - Petrucci C Clef

Clefs, C Clef (19th Century):
Clefs, C Clef (19th Century)

Clefs - Violin Clefs for a Condensed Score:
Violin Clefs for Condensed Scores

Crescendo Molto: (new)
Crescendo Molto


Dots, triple: (new)
Dots, triple

Rectangle Fermatas:
Rectangle fermatas

Triangle Fermatas:
Triangle fermatas

Two Dot Fermatas:
Two dot fermatas

Other Fermatas (Short fermata, very short fermata and very long fermata):
Other fermata symbols

Flags - Straight: (new)
Straight Flags

Glasses: (new)

Glissando symbols

Laissez Vibrer (l.v.) Tie: (new)
(all fonts also have the upside down version)
Laissez Vibrer (l.v.) Tie

Messa di voce:
Messa di voce

Noteheads - Ghost / Bracketed: (new)
Noteheads - Ghost / Bracketed

Pedal - Sostenuto: (new)
Pedal - Sostenuto

Pizz, Bartok: (new)
Bartok Pizz

Repeat - Three Bar Repeat:
Three Bar Repeat

Reihe (Hauptstimme, Nebenstimme, Hauptrhythmus, Choralmelodie):
Reihe (Hauptstimme, Nebenstimme, Hauptrhythmus, Choralmelodie)

Tremolo, 4 Lines:
Tremolo, 4 Lines

Trill, Tremblement:
Trill, Tremblement

Turn - Inverted:
Turn Inverted

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