Elbsound JW Lua Scripts for Finale

1.) Make Longa

Converts two tied double whole notes within a measure to a longa note and four tied double whole notes to a maxima note. Make sure the whole notes are in the same measure (and not tied over the barline).
It uses the longa/maxima noteheads from the free Fughetta font as default and the rest symbols from Bravura.
But it's possible to change the symbol and font.
Simply adjust: FontName, FontSize, CustomChar and RestDisplacement in the first lines of the script.
Attention: Finale doesn't support the duration of maxima notes (=32768 EDUs),
so internally they will have the length of longa notes (=16384). This might effect the music spacing and/or playback.
Download Make Longa (v0.6 2017-06-09) (New version with support for longa and maxima rests)
Make Longa Plugin for Finale

Mensural Notation with November2 and Make Longa Plugin
Mensural notation with the November2 "Renaissance" template and the Make Longa plugin.

2.) Shift Dot on Dotted 8th notes (in Jazz font)

Fixes the bug that the augmentation dot on dotted 8th notes in Jazz font appears too far to the right.
Download (External script by Harald Schollmeyer)
Move Dots Plugin for Finale

3.) Brass fingerings

Automatically adds fingerings for brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, etc.).
Download (External script by Harald Schollmeyer)
Brass Fingerings Plugin for Finale

4.) Show an expression only at the beginning of a staff system

...and hide all other occurences.
Download (External script by Harald Schollmeyer)

5.) Whole Note Tremolo Alignment
Centers Maestro's tremolo on whole notes

6.) Single Note Spacing
Reduces the measure width in a measure that only contains one long note (e.g. in the final bar).
Download (External script by Harald Schollmeyer)

7.) More JW Lua scripts on external sites

Many JW Lua scripts written by Chris can be found here (in French!).
Jari Williamsson, the developer of JW Lua, also offers a few scripts on his website.

For more sophisticated JW Lua scripts like the Perfect Layout plugin see the Finale plugins section
Perfect Layout Plugin

All scripts require a recent installation of Jari Williamsson's JW Lua plugin for Finale from http://finaletips.nu.

How to work with JW Lua
JW Lua Documentation
Downloading the JW Lua Documentation
Documentation for Finale PDK development

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