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14. September 2019: Added new Perfect Layout example files for cue note and cue text automation plus video documentation

13. September 2019: Added three new Perfect Layout demo videos:
- Automatic Justification of sub. and più Dynamics
- Cue Notes and Cue Texts Automation
- Automatic Flattening Brackets of Tuplets That Start or End With Rests.

6. September 2019: Free update Perfect Layout v1.1 for Windows has been released: nearly 60 improvements and new features.

16. August 2019: Perfect Layout v1.0 for Windows is available for purchase.

15. August 2019: The Elbsound Music Fonts Package v1.40 has been released. It now includes 82 music fonts..

15. August 2019: The Elbsound Text Fonts Package v1.15 has been released. It now includes 258 text fonts for musical scores..

14. August 2019: 31 new JW Lua scripts from the French Finale forum were added to the free JW Lua Scripts page.

9. August 2019: The Elbsound Music Fonts Package v1.20 has been released. It now includes 69 music fonts..

02. August 2019: Some of our music font products are now featured on our new second domain

28. June 2019: Added a new Perfect Layout demo video: Exponential and Niente Hairpins.

27. June 2019: The first Perfect Layout PDF online manual is available: a collection of all Perfect Layout web pages in one PDF.

17. May 2019: Added two new Perfect Layout demo videos:
Multi-Percussion Staff Optimization and Inserting a large text block into a full score.

14. May 2019: Elbsound Music Font Package v1.15 released: now includes 61 music fonts.

3. April 2019: Added three new before/after examples for Perfect Layout

29. March 2019: Elbsound Music Font Package v1.13 released

28. March 2019: Launch of our new website design.

28. February 2019: New font video: Petaluma in Finale. The House Style plugin now supports Petaluma.

7. February 2019: New Perfect Layout demo video: Automatic Measure Layout and Top/Bottom Margin Alignment in Extracted Parts.

1. November 2018: The Perfect Layout public beta is available. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive the purchase link.

15. October 2018: The new Perfect Layout homepage is online. 1. May 2018: has updated its privacy policy section according to the requirements of the new GDPR. hat seine Datenschutzerklärung überarbeitet, um sie an die neue DSGVO anzupassen.

08. November 2017: v1.12 of the Elbsound Music Font Package released. Includes an updated Aruvarb font with more than 150 new symbols based on SMuFL 1.25.

10. October 2017: Added a link to a new JW Lua script for creating single-number multi-measure rests on piano staves.

02. October 2017: A catalog of some hard-to-find music symbols was added.

27. September 2017: A new article online on using font names and font weights in Finale.

21. September 2017: How to create large brackets in Finale.

18. September 2017: Looking for a good text font for your musical score? Then check out this new text font comparison.

18. August 2017: Live video on creating Schumann's Estrella for piano in just 10 minutes.

10. August 2017: 20 minutes live video on creating a full orchestra page from scratch in Finale.

10. July 2017: New step-by-step tutorial on how to setup Finale music fonts for Sibelius.

29. June 2017: is featured on

09. June 2017: The Make Longa JW Lua script was updated: it now supports longa and maxima rests.

01. June 2017: The music fonts link list now includes more than different 1320 entries.

04. April 2017: The shop for arrangements has opened and a few book recommendations are online.

23. December 2016: Update v2.0 of Music Font Comparison released.

22. December 2016: Update v1.11 of Elbsound Music Font Package released.

21. December 2016: The music fonts link list now includes more than different 1250 entries.

08. December 2016: Added the double bass MIDI files page: a comprehensive list for double bass players.

28. November 2016: Update v1.1 of Elbsound Music Font Package released.

18. October 2016: New article "Experiments in Automatic Music Conversion" online, together with 21 new music fonts for Finale in the download section.

20. July 2016: Today the American OF NOTE blog published the Jan Angermüller's article on music fonts in Finale.