Perfect Layout Video Examples on Youtube

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Video: Automatic Lyrics Alignment

Layout Optimization:
1. Three real-time demos of the Perfect Layout plug-in in action (Finale files for download on the Example page)
2. MusicXML Import and Piano Notation (Finale files for download on the Example page)
3. Automatic Score Layout (System Layout Optimization)
4. Automatic System Optimization by Only Adjusting the Colliding Staves and Preserving Most of the Layout
5. Automatic Parts Layout

Hairpin and Dynamics:
1. Automatic Hairpin and Expression Alignment      (go to the interactive demo)
2. Tutorial: Aligning Multiple Expressions with Perfect Layout
3. Exponential and Niente Hairpins
4. Perfect Layout on parts
5. Automatic Justification of sub. and più Dynamics (v1.15)

Other Perfect Layout features:
1. Consistent Measure Number Placement on Barlines
2. Automatic Horizontal Repeat Bracket Length
3. Automatic Lyrics Alignment
4. Avoiding Glissando Collisions
5. Tuplet Optimizations (Finale files for download on the Example page)
6. Automatic Flattening Brackets of Tuplets That Start or End With Rests (v1.15)
7. Cue Notes and Cue Texts Automation (Finale files for download on the Example page)
8. Multi-Percussion Staff Optimization
9. Tutorial: Inserting a large text block (e.g. for a speaker) into a full score

1. Windows: Automatic Installation of Perfect Layout
2. Automatic macOS Installer
3. Automatic Update Installation in v2.4 (Windows and macOS)
4. MacOS Plug-in Deactivation
5. How to manually add Perfect Layout to your Finale plug-in menu

Other Perfect Layout videos:
1. How to easily spot the differences in the score before and after Perfect Layout
2. Perfect Layout on MacOS
3. Multi-Language Support (US,DE,FR,IT,PL,ES,JP)