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The silver edition has no articulations tab.
The vertical distances of articulations to other articulations (=stacked), to tuplet brackets and tuplet numbers and to slurs can be set in this dialog tab. In the Express. tab it's also possible to set the articluation to expression distances.
The Perfect Layout plug-in can automatically create "inside slur"-articulations - if otherwise the aticulation would be placed far above a slur. The "inside slur" articulation will be created if the vertical articulation offset exceeds the value from "Vertical Offset Before Articulation is Always Shifted Inside Slur" (default: 45 EVPU).

Image 1: "Inside steep slur"-articulations

On tuplet brackets it's possible to automatically place ornament articulations outside tuplet brackets (Option: "Place Ornaments Ouside Tuplet Brackets").
While standard note articulations (staccato, accent, dot, tenuto, etc.) are automatically placed inside the tuplet bracket, fermatas and bow marks are automatically placed outside.

Image 2: Before and after the Perfect Layout plug-in (ornaments outside tuplet brackets)