Customer Feedback on "Perfect Layout"

More Customer Feedback on "Perfect Layout"

"This is frankly amazing."
John McLaughlin Williams, Composer, conductor and violinist, USA

"The results are really astonishing. The Perfect Layout plug-in solves THE Finale problem."
Thomas Dorsch, Conductor and Editor for Schott Music, Germany

"Perfect Layout is a must-have. Good job!"
Mathieu Laprise, Composer, arranger and orchestrator, Studio Sonomax inc., Canada

"Perfect Layout is a tremendous work simplification."
Markus Dag, Arranger and choir conductor, Austria

"I love the automatic score spacing, but there are quite a few other things, which make the score much more elegant, better to read and spacey. I like them all a LOT."
Juraj Bartoš, Arranger, Trumpeter, Bratislava Hot Serenaders, Slovakia

"Perfect Layout is an enormous help."
Simon Scheiwiller, Composer, Arrangeur, Editor at Edition Kunzelmann, Switzerland

"The plug-in seems very powerful and helps us a lot since it makes us save a lot of hours of work with the layout."
Philippe Perrin, Composer, Arranger, Founder of LACROCH' Music Services, France

"Perfect Layout is a complete gamechanger for me!"
Jonas Nydesjö, Conductor, Arranger and Composer, Sweden

"The price is well worth it.
Nothing beats dealing with's Jan Angermüller
in terms of efficiency, attitude, cooperation, and dedication."

Dennis Bįthory-Kitsz, Composer, Northfield Falls/New Jersey, USA

"Perfect Layout runs fantastically und definitely saves up to 80% of my Finale working time. I am just happy to have found this tool."
Dieter Viehweider, Editor for MUNODI Music Notation, Italy

"I'm very impressed with the plug-in. Especially in bigger scores, the time saved from alligning expressions, dynamics, hairpins, etc. is so valuable."
Per Ekdahl, Composer and Arranger, Sweden

"I am really excited about Perfect Layout! Super!"
Sebastian Bartmann, Composer, Germany

"It looks great!"
Lorenzo Frassą, Musicologist, Editor and Score Manager, Italy