Perfect Layout v2.x and Finale® 27 Compatibility

Perfect Layout works in Finale® 27 and is also automatically installed.
So far we didn't notice any incompatibilities when running the plug-in on pre-27 Finale files or on files that were imported through MusicXML into Finale 27 and that use the new Finale 27 SMuFl format.
Finale's new SMuFl fonts are supported by Perfect Layout starting with v2.4.
Perfect Layout versions before v2.4 work in Finale 27, but only on the old standard fonts (not on the new SMuFl template).

macOS: Finale 27.2 on M1 processors

Perfect Layout v1.x/2.x can only run in the Finale plug-in JW Lua which is not compatible with native code/M1. It only runs in Rosetta mode.
Perfect Layout v3.0029+ also works in the new RGP Lua (v0.61) which supports native code on M1. Only the articulation handling is not fully compatible yet. This will be solved in the next beta updates.

RGP Lua is the successor of JW Lua, developed by the Finale plug-in developer Robert G. Patterson.
We will support RGP Lua more in future updates as it also offers many other improvements over JW Lua.
Note: RGP Lua only works in 64bit versions of Finale (v25+).
For using Perfect Layout in the old Finale 32bit versions (2014/2014.5), you must still use JW Lua.

Currently only JW Lua is automatically installed with Perfect Layout.
RGP Lua has to be downloaded and installed it manually.
Put the RGP Lua plug-in file into the Finale/Plug-ins/Elbsound JW Lua/ folder.
Start Finale and click on Elbsound JW Lua/RGP Lua... in Finale's plug-in menu.
Click on Add and select "ES Perfect Layout (for Menu).lua",
and activate Load as String. Click on OK and again on OK and restart Finale.
Then you will find Elbsound JW Lua/ES Perfect Layout in your Finale plug-ins folder.

Installation of Perfect Layout in Finale 27

As with every Finale installation that you add to your system, you have to re-install Perfect Layout, so that it also installs into the Finale 27 setup.
Note: If Perfect Layout was already installed in Finale 26 (or earlier), it is NOT automatically copied into Finale 27 when Finale 27 is installed. You MUST run the Perfect Layout installer after you have installed Finale 27.

On macOS: Just re-run the latest installer.

On Windows: You must uninstall the current installation using the maintenancetool.exe in c:\program files (x86)\\perfect layout.
Select "Remove Components" ->"Next"->"Uninstall".
Then run the latest installer again.

The SMuFl .json files

The .json files are something similar to Finale's old font annotation files. These files are currently not parsed yet by Perfect Layout. So far we have found no urgent need to do this. But if you manually change these .json files (which not really makes sense...), Perfect Layout won't notice it.
We will try to add .json support in a future update.

Elbsound Music Fonts Package and Finale 27

MakeMusic unfortunately still hasn't fixed the very old font bug that the symbol slots 128 to 159 are not available on macOS on hybrid SMuFl fonts like November2 or the Elbsound fonts.