Overview: Perfect Layout, v2.6, macOS/Windows

Perfect Layout v2.6 includes 21 improvements and fixes.
The chronological list of changes in the sub-versions 2.60-2.61 is available here.
v2.x customers and customers who bought the full version of Perfect Layout v1.x after the 27th of March 2020 are eligible for a free update. For all other users the update is available through our online shop.
Please read our FAQ on how to install the update, especially on Windows.

For Perfect Layout PDF Examples click here

Perfect Layout has user dialogs in English, German, French, Polish and Italian.
A Spanish and Japanese version are also included, but still in beta state.

We have also updated all 25 Perfect Layout videos:
Video: Three real-time demos of the Perfect Layout plug-in in action

List of Improvements (until latest version v2.61)

v2.6 includes many processing speed optimizations.
It is the fastest version of Perfect Layout on macOS so far.

-Processing speed boost (especially on macOS) for the lyrics alignment if the file includes lots of syllables.
-Faster calculation of expression and text metrics that are repeatedly used in the score
-Many minor processing speed improvements all over the plug-in
-More music font names added.
-macOS installer now asks to close Finale 27 before installation.
-Improved enigma tags optimization in the case of ^font(...)^size(...)^font(...)^size(...).
-Horizontal lyrics metrics for vertical staff spacing are now calculated more precisely.
-Horizontal collisions of expressions with lyrics are now partially taken into account.
-In some cases improved measure number metrics at the start of the system (with enclosures and measure number regions that don't start at measure 1).
-Improved vertical staff/system spacing on parts with only one page and lots of free space.
-Improved placement of enclosed measure numbers at system start.
-Improved Spanish, French, Italian, German and Polish translation
-Improved support for negative baseline, tracking and superscript values in texts
-Articulation with tie/slur collision removal now also works with tremolo articulations on whole notes
-Moved "Clear Manual Vertical Lyrics Positioning" to the Alignment tab in the lyrics section. When everything the "Deactivate All" preset is loaded, it's now possible to activate vertical lyrics alignment with one click only.

-In rare cases an error message could occur on stem collisions in measures that also have hidden notes. Fixed now.
-On the Chords tab a text was visible that had no function yet. The text has been removed.
-In very rare cases Finale could show an error message when calculating the volume of a dynamics. Fixed now.
-In rare cases when an expression used a non-installed font and Finale changed its font value to "Missing Font" instead of the real font name, Perfect Layout had problems in deciphering the expression text. Fixed now.
-If a score had multiple piano instruments and a hairpins between the two piano instruments (below the bottom staff of the top piano and above the top staff of the bottom piano), in some cases these hairpins were centered between the two instruments instead of aligned with the top instruments. Fixed now.
-In rare cases Finale could hang when a certain combination of grace notes, freeze stems and hidden notes was in one measure. Fixed now.

System requirements:

  • Finale® 2014, 2014.5, v25, v26, v27 for 64bit Windows 7, 8, 10 or MacOS (tested in 10.13 - 10.15 and 11.0/Intel, according to some users also working in 10.11/10.12)
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM, for huge orchestra scores exceeding about 20.000 frame assignments 8-12 GB RAM and Finale® v25, v26 or v27 are required, otherwise the plug-in may run out of memory.
  • About 125 MB of free hard drive space, plus space for the font annotation files dependent on the number of fonts that are installed
  • For the installation/(de-)activation you need a user with administration rights
  • Internet connection during the installation and update process, and an email address to receive the activation code or an installed email program to request the activation code.
  • MacOS only: the MacOS version also requires an internet connection during the processing of the plug-in
  • MacOS only: You need to give system permission to use the Terminal app and System Events for displaying the plug-in's progress bar (optional)
  • Windows only: Powershell must be installed (it is installed by default on Windows unless the user has removed it manually)
  • The faster the processor speed, the faster the plug-in (see this comparison). The plug-in is single-threaded, so multiple cores do not speed up the processing.
  • Data Privacy: For the activation and license validation of the software some data will be stored on our servers. For more info read Data Privacy at Elbsound.studio and the EULA