Music Fonts Included in the Perfect Layout Plug-in

The Perfect Layout installer includes many fonts from the Elbsound Music Font Package.

Elbsound Music Font Package Image 1: All fonts from the Elbsound Music Font Package - Download examples as PDF

(not all of them are included in the Perfect Layout plug-in)

To use the fonts in Finale just click on Document->Set Default Music Font, select one of the Elbsound Music Fonts and be done with it. The fonts are 100% compatible with Maestro as they were not created manually, but through an algorithm which guarantees full metric compatibility and no symbol missing.
The font annotation files (=the font metrics) that Finale requires are also automatically installed by the installer.

How to use Elbsound Music Fonts
Image 2: Switching to an Elbsound Music Font with just a few clicks in "Document->Set Default Music Font"

All Symbols

Elbsound Music Font Package All Symbols Image 3: All Maestro Symbols included in the Elbsound Font Package - Download as PDF

More info on the full Elbsound Music Font Package is available here.
Examples of 200 music fonts are available in the Elbsound Music Font Comparison.