"Force Tuplet Brackets on Ambiguous Tuplets" adds tuplet brackets on beamed notes when the tuplet doesn't start on the first note of the beamed group and thus is difficult to read.

Image 5: Left: Original, Right: Added Brackets

Another tuplet feature which can't be unselected is automatic secondary beam break insertion as in image 6:

Image 6: Left: Original, Right: Added secondary beam break

"Force Tuplet Brackets on Unsymmetrics Tuplets" adds tuplet brackets to unsymmetrics tuplets (i.e. if the duration of the notes is different from left to right than from right to left). In these cases it might be difficult to decipher the reference duration of the tuplet.

Image 7: Left: Original, Right: Added brackets only to unsymmetric tuplet to not mix it up with a 16th note tuplet

"Increase Tuplet Number If Max. Note Duration Is Shorter" changes the tuplet number for better readability if it doesn't match the note durations. I.e. six 16th notes with a "3" tuplet number would be transformed into a "6".

Image 8: Left: A five 8th note tuplet with 16th notes becomes a ten 16th notes tuplet

Note: In the Silver edition of the plug-in these three options are on the "Tuplets" tab.