House Style Plug-in for Finale

With this house style and font plug-in you can apply any document settings or changes in the fonts, font sizes and symbols to any Finale document with nearly no affects on the score metrics: all elements will be automatically adjusted so that the change is rather smooth.
The plug-in currently supports more than 300 music and chord fonts.

What can you do with the plug-in ?
- Change the full document to any predefined style. For example Musegraph's "Vienna", Abraham Lee's "Scorlatti" or even "Bravura" (more than 100 styles available).
- Create a handwritten look: change from Maestro to Jazz
- Create your own font mix and apply it to any document: take the accent from Maestro, the marcato from Vienna, the fermata from Engraver Font Set, the violin clef from Scorlatti etc.
- Do subtle changes to the font settings: for example, you could only update all dynamic expressions to a new font or update all quartertone accidentals only.
- Do subtle changes to the document settings: for example, you could increase all line thicknesses only.
- Or any combination: take a predefined style, change it to your own needs and remove any settings that you don't want to change.

Demo: The comprehensive online Music Font Comparison on this site was created with the House Style plug-in.

(Click on the image to get to the comparison)

Screencam video of the automatic creation of Example 5 from the online music font comparison:

Screencam video of a few fonts in Finale:

not known yet (dependent on further updates of JW Lua - unfortunately there have been no JW Lua update since 2017)