House Style Plugin for Finale

With this house style and font plugin you can apply any document settings or changes in the fonts, font sizes and symbols to any Finale document with nearly no affects on the score metrics: all elements will be automatically adjusted so that the change is rather smooth.
The plugin currently supports more than 300 music and chord fonts.

What can you do with the plugin ?
- Change the full document to any predefined style. For example Musegraph's "Vienna", Abraham Lee's "Scorlatti" or even "Bravura" (more than 100 styles available).
- Create a handwritten look: change from Maestro to Jazz
- Create your own font mix and apply it to any document: take the accent from Maestro, the marcato from Vienna, the fermata from Engraver Font Set, the violin clef from Scorlatti etc.
- Do subtle changes to the font settings: for example, you could only update all dynamic expressions to a new font or update all quartertone accidentals only.
- Do subtle changes to the document settings: for example, you could increase all line thicknesses only.
- Or any combination: take a predefined style, change it to your own needs and remove any settings that you don't want to change.

Demo: The huge online music font comparison on this site was created with the House Style plugin.

(Click on the image to get to the comparison)

Screencam video of the automatic creation of Example 5 from the online music font comparison:

Screencam video of a few fonts in Finale:

Q1 2018 (dependent on further updates of JW Lua). Windows version first, MacOS slightly later.

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