Chord Styles Plugin for Finale

Youtube screencam demonstration: Converting the Chord Style in Finale

Video 1: In this demo the chord plugin was called consecutively several times.
Then everything was undone. The video starts at that moment and every call
of the plugin is redone manually (to save processing time in the video).


All chord symbols in the following images were created with the Chord plugin by converting the Finale default document to the new style. The default document uses the fonts Times New Roman and Maestro for all chord symbols. Here you can find the links to all music fonts mentioned below. The text fonts can be found for example on
The "MZ" fonts below are based on free Google fonts and include all letters as well as the required chord symbols (accidentals, triangle, plus, minus, diminished, half-diminished). They are available for free from the publisher of the "Mozart" notation software.

My Personal Favorites:
Serif: Palatino LT / Bravura
Sans: ChordSymbols
Handwritten: SwingCord

Classic Style (Serif):
Old Standard TT Bold / Arnold
CG Times / Bravura
Century School­book L / Cadence
Times N. Roman / Maestro (Default)
Palatino LT / Bravura
Opus Chords
Opus PlainChords
MZ Buenard
MZ Lora
MZ Roboto Slab
MZ Stint Ultra Condensed

Classic Style (Sans):
MZ Voces
Opus Chords Sans
MZ Open Sans
Opus Chords Sans Condensed
MZ Economica

Handwritten Style:
RealBook Chords /XtreemFatDemo
MZ Chewy
Broadway Copyist (Text)
Inkpen2 Chords Std
Reprise Chords Std
Finale Copyist Text
New Real Book Chords
Comic Sans / BlueNotz-NG
MZ Gloria Hallelujah
MZ Shadows Into Light Two

Availability of the plugin:
Q2 2017 for Windows (dependent on updates of JW Lua - unfortunately there have been no JW Lua updates in 2016/17 yet, so it might take longer...), MacOS slightly later.

(c) 2014-2017 Jan Angermüller