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You will find many notation and especially Finale-related resources like a huge music font comparison,
the most comprehensive list of music related fonts with more than 1320 entries, online demos of some new Finale plugins to be released soon (download not available yet !) and more... Have fun !

28. February 2019: New font video: Petaluma in Finale. The House Style plugin now supports Petaluma.

7. February 2019: New Perfect Layout demo video: Automatic Measure Layout and Top/Bottom Margin Alignment in Extracted Parts.

1. November 2018: The Perfect Layout public beta is available. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive the purchase link.

15. October 2018: The new Perfect Layout homepage is online. 1. May 2018: has updated its privacy policy section according to the requirements of the new GDPR. hat seine Datenschutzerklärung überarbeitet, um sie an die neue DSGVO anzupassen.

08. November 2017: v1.12 of the Elbsound Music Font Package released. Includes an updated Aruvarb font with more than 150 new symbols based on SMuFL 1.25.

10. October 2017: Added a link to a new JW Lua script for creating single-number multi-measure rests on piano staves.

02. October 2017: A catalog of some hard-to-find music symbols was added.

27. September 2017: A new article online on using font names and font weights in Finale.

21. September 2017: How to create large brackets in Finale.

18. September 2017: Looking for a good text font for your musical score? Then check out this new text font comparison.

18. August 2017: Live video on creating Schumann's Estrella for piano in just 10 minutes.

10. August 2017: 20 minutes live video on creating a full orchestra page from scratch in Finale.

10. July 2017: New step-by-step tutorial on how to setup Finale music fonts for Sibelius.

29. June 2017: is featured on

09. June 2017: The Make Longa JW Lua script was updated: it now supports longa and maxima rests.

01. June 2017: The music fonts link list now includes more than different 1320 entries.

04. April 2017: The shop for arrangements has opened and a few book recommendations are online.

23. December 2016: Update v2.0 of Music Font Comparison released.

22. December 2016: Update v1.11 of Elbsound Music Font Package released.

21. December 2016: The music fonts link list now includes more than different 1250 entries.

08. December 2016: Added the double bass MIDI files page: a comprehensive list for double bass players.

28. November 2016: Update v1.1 of Elbsound Music Font Package released.

18. October 2016: New article "Experiments in Automatic Music Conversion" online, together with 21 new music fonts for Finale in the download section.

20. July 2016: Today the American OF NOTE blog published the Jan Angermüller's article on music fonts in Finale.