For better readability of a conductor's score it's possible to show chord symbols only on selected staves. For example if a jazz band score has chord symbols on the piano, electric guitar, electric bass and vocal staff, it make senses to limit their visibility to the piano and/or e-guitar staff. This will give you more vertical space on the page.
The Perfect Layout plugin offers to show the chords on all staves in the score, or on one or on two (Option: "Show Chords in Score Only on Staff").
This only affects the score. In the parts all chord symbols will be visible.
The chord default position can be automatically changed to "Left"-aligned - recommended for better readability and checked by default.

By default Finale® chords have a horizontal offset of 12 EVPU. This can be changed to any value ("Set All Chords to Horizontal Pos X"). Changing this value might improve the look on handwritten/jazz fonts which otherwise might have an odd offset.
Perfect Layout v3 supports automatic baseline alignment of chord symbols.
You can select from three alignment algorithms:

Image 1:

You can also change the vertical order of expressions and chords by using the ABOVECHORD tag in expressions.
This is explained on the "Alignment" page.