Do First
(only used in Perfect Layout v1 and v2, but not in version 3)

Note: The settings on this tab are important for correcting slur and trill shape articulations.
Unfortunately these values cannot directly be read through the plug-in, so you may have to adjust them manually.

You can ignore this tab if ...
(1) ... your document uses Finale's default slur contour settings (this is usually the case)
(2) ... your score doesn't use shape articulations for trills (e.g. a trill combined with an accidental as a shape articulation)
. or
(3) .. you use Perfect Layout version 3 in RGP Lua (0.65): the slur contour settings can now be automatically read.
But the trill shape articulations still have to be set manually.
If your document uses user-defined slur contour settings (i.e. not Finale's default settings), you need to manually enter these settings here.
If you haven't changed these settings - most users probably haven't -, skip this step. Unfortunately the Perfect Layout plugin currently can't read these values automatically.

To get the settings open SmartShape->Slur Contour and write down the Height and Inset settings for all four span widths (short, mediumm, long, extra long).
Then run the plug-in and enter these values by clicking on the "Enter Slur Settings from SmartShape->Slur Contour" button.
These values will automatically be saved in your plug-in .ini file and only need to be entered again when they change.

In most cases users don't have to change anything here.
If your document uses trill shape articulations, i.e. "Trill with Flat", "Trill with Sharp" and/or "Trill with Natural", then select the shapes here by clicking on the "Select Shape" buttons.
These articulations currently are not detected automatically.
If you don't use shape articulations, skip this step and just leave the fields as they are.