By default the plug-in hides group names in parts.
E.g. on a piano part the "Piano" name left to the staff lines (=group name) will be hidden, so that only the part name is visible.
If the part doesn't have a page text object with the part name, the group name will not be hidden.

Image 1: Hide group names in parts
For better readability group brackets are can be automatically added to staff groups with at least three staves (Option: "Add Group Brackets on Groups with at Least 3 Staves").
The plugin makes sure that these groups don't interfere with other groups or other group brackets and in doubt it won't add a bracket.

Image 2: Add group brackets to groups of at least three staves
When importing old or MusicXML documents, the repeat brackets and repeat text elements often show up on every staff.
It usually looks better if only placed on the top staff or only few staves. The "Show Repeat Brackets and Texts" option solves this.