Manual and User Dialog Settings

The complete manual which includes all web pages is available here. There are also some international editions of the manual.
Note: These were translated automatically from the English version and only give a rough translation of the full content. But hopefully it is fully understable.
If you have any suggestions for "automatic improvements" (like word ABC is always translated wrong and could be easily replaced by another word), please let us know.
English PDF or as web page
French PDF or as web page
German PDF or as web page
Italian PDF or as web page
Polish PDF or as web page
Spanish PDF or as web page

User Dialog Tabs

You can click on the tabs (see red mark) to navigate through this online help system.
In the plug-in many options also have preview images which pop up if you click on the little button next to the option (from v2.023+).

Perfect Layout: Settings
DO First Optimize Reset/Hide MMRests Chords Groups Alignment Layers/Cues Tuplets Express. Artics. Hairpins Slurs/Ties Counting Systems General
  • Do First
  • Optimize
  • Reset and Hide
  • Multi-Measure Rests
  • Chords
  • Groups and Repeats
  • Alignment
  • Layers/Cues
  • Tuplets
  • Expressions
  • Articulations
  • Hairpins
  • Slurs/Ties/Glissandi
  • Counting
  • Systems
  • General
  • Load/Save
  • Other Features
  • All distance values in the screen shots are shown in EVPUs (Finale's internal measurement system).
    If you work in a different metrics system, the plug-in will show converted values according to your selected system.